Confidence follows accomplishment

We love kids here at Inyodo and warmly welcome them into our children's programs. Even more than teaching them to punch and kick, we grow confidence and self-esteem through a positive, nurturing environment and words of encouragement throughout your child's experience.

Kids thrive on consistency. As they enter the reliable routine of a martial arts program, they come to understand that their classmates and instructor will be here for them, week in and week out. They learn they can work hard and win.

All of our programs focus on discipline and courtesy, while developing confidence, coordination, and responsibility. All of our programs include a well-established curriculum and advancement plan and evaluation forms to help children and parents understand progress.

While most martial arts schools begin at age five, Inyodo offers age-appropriate programs to preschoolers. We also offer children's classes at schools throughout the Vail Valley on request.

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